Sunday, April 29, 2007

You're Gonna Make It After All

Last night I was home alone; I should have been packing or doing homework but I was sort of restless, bored and mopey so I was watching television. I saw an ad for Nick At Nite and had a flashback to the Mary Tyler Moore Show. That was my favorite show when I was ten--during the summer, Nick at Nite used to have "Very Mary Mondays" or something like that and they would show four episodes in a row. I got hooked and would spend every Monday night watching Mary Tyler Moore while all of my friends in my neighborhood played kick the can. I thought Mary was the coolest thing ever; I wanted to be just like her, moving to the city, throwing horrible parties, wearing cute mini skirts and sleeping on a pull-out sofa. I haven't watched the show in a few years but I still think that Mary has had an effect on me. So, being the good time waster that I am, I went on YouTube and found the theme song to Mary Tyler Moore. I think one of the main reasons I loved the Mary Tyler Moore Show was because of the theme song. Now there's two versions to the theme song. There's the version that everyone seems to know which starts "Who can turn the world on with her smile? Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?" However, this post has to do with the first theme song for the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Same delightful melody, same heartwarming theme of "Love is All Around, No Need to Waste It..." But, this version is all about Mary leaving her happy, safe secure life behind and moving to the big city to make it on her own. It all seems very pertinent. I'm ready to move--well, emotionally because lord knows I haven't packed more than one box. I'm ready to leave Madison behind (but come back to visit of course) in favor of a new city with new people and new challenges. And maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet my very own Rhoda, Ted, Murray or Mr. Grant. That being said, I really must go find a beret! Or is that more of a tam?


At 5:51 PM, Blogger Librarian Girl said...

God bless MTM. She rocked out, didn't she?

Nordic Boy does a spot-on impression of Ted. It's one of those things that never gets old- I crack up every time.


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