Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nobody Does It Better....

I knew a guy back in college who was your basic hipster, intellectual nightmare with the most emo taste in music ever. When it came to music, he was very often exhausting. Every concert he ever went to was "the best concert ever." Now, I'm going to pull a him and tell you that the concert I went to on Saturday was the best concert ever. I've gone to a lot of concerts--I've seen a lot of darn good musicians who play darn good concerts. I've seen these concerts at quite impressive venues. And yet, this one trumped them all and I can see this concert staying the cream of the crop for a very long time. You're intrigued aren't you?

Four words: Old Crow Medicine Show.

Why was this concert the best one I've ever seen? Many reasons... here's a handy list in order from small reasons to big reasons:

1) I was in the first row. I spent most of my time leaning up against the stage and keeping beat by drumming my hands on the stage. ON THE STAGE! I was so close to Ketch Secor that I got hit with harmonica spit a few times (I was not complaining).

2) Speaking of Ketch: this band is comprised of five men, three of whom have the craziest, coolest names ever. Namely (ha!), Critter Fuqua, Willie Watson (not crazy but it sounds nice) and Ketch Secor. For some reason, that makes me like them even more.

3) Not only do they have some great names, they also have some very good looking boys in O.C.M.S. Yowza. Don't believe me? Tada... it takes a while to load but it's worth it. And actually, they're better looking in person. I would know, I was about 5 feet away from them :)

4) Now, good looking with nice names? We both know that does not a good concert make, much less the best concert ever. To use a phrase I don't feel comfortable using, these boys can play. Their musicianship and their understanding of the genre is so impressive. They sound better in concert than on the record. They have enthusiasm and stage presence and you can tell they love playing together. And as a crowd member, it's hard not to be impressed by that. I was stomping and clapping and when I left, I was sweaty, giddy and hoarse (I think I once yelled out what sounded like a "yee haw"!)

5) Here's the final reason... I'm not really a bluegrass fan. (Someone told me they weren't bluegrass--they were an old string band. Either or.) Generally, I avoid that style of music like the plague because most of it feels very cheesy, old fashioned and stale sounding. But, Old Crow Medicine Show won me over--they're that good.

And even though I find myspace rather irritating and strange (no reasons why... just do), I would recommend checking out their myspace page. Listen to a few of their songs (my personal favorite is Wagon Wheel), watch their video for Down Home Girl and check out their beautiful faces.


At 3:19 PM, Blogger Lia said...

Yes, I have to concur, Katie, that was one of the best shows I've seen. Hands down. Matt loved them more than I did, until I saw them live. Not only are they strangely beautiful, but goddamn they put on a might fine show. (And they look like youngsters, too, except for one of them.) AWESOME show. Really and truly!

At 5:20 PM, Blogger Katie K said...

Lia, I'm very glad you agreed! It was so nice seeing you and Matt after the show! And I think "strangely beautiful" is the best way to describe them--well put.

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