Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I is for... (Reprise)

I haven't talked about my library's ex for a while, mainly because there's nothing much to talk about anymore. She's moved on (still sending pictures and emails) and I'm no longer getting asked "What happened to Miss Erika?" But, last night, something happened that's too good not to share, which is why I'm digging up the "I is for In the Hood" and reprising it (can reprise be a verb?)

Miss Erika is sending out holiday cards, the kind with pictures that you can get from Walmart or Walgreens. They have three pictures of her with various kids from the library (is that allowed!?) with the phrase "Happy Holidays from the Hood" below the pictures. This is crazy, right? In my mixed up mind, it's one thing to throw around the phrase "in the hood" obsessively. Lord knows I tend to pick up phrases and throw them around in excess (lately I've been saying 'Thanks man" a lot, which I picked up from one of the library kids). But to put it on a Christmas card, that's a whole new level. This idea popped into her head and instead of eschewing it, she took the idea, ran with it all the way over to Walgreens and placed an order. Who is she sending this card to? Her former employers, her relatives, her friends? Her coworkers!?!?!

Seriously, it's mind boggling. Even more mind boggling than the fact that it's a frickin blizzard, every other library in the area is closed and we are still open.


At 12:20 PM, Anonymous alabamian librarian said...

As somebody who often works with inner-city kids I find this very offensive. I don't even like to refer to the children I work with as "inner-city" but often as "culturally deprived." I honestly can not believe that somebody can be that ignorant of what "the hood" is. It is not something to brag about, instead she should be affecting change in these kids life and exploring ways to further their self-esteem and education. Continually referring to these children as living "in the hood" and working with children "from the hood" especially where these precious children can overhear is tragic. And on the note of the children being pictured the parents would have had to sign a release form. I sure would not want MY kids on a card depicting my kids as "from the hood" whether they were or not! (Sorry for the long post...I tend to get wordy)

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Martha said...

Oh my. That sounds ... not kosher. WTF?

At 4:16 PM, Blogger Librarian Girl said...

Yikes. And ick.

I'm so articulate!


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