Saturday, September 22, 2007

J is for...


I've been working at my current position for four months, which is mind boggling. My time here has flown by--I've survived my first summer reading program, we've already done two weeks of fall storytimes and I'll be attending next year's summer reading program conference in a month. It is crazy, but definitely in a good way. Because, shocker of all shockers, I really really like my job. See, last week, I started reading a few personal finance and budgeting books (stupid student loans on a public librarian salary) and one of their tips was to see if you really liked your job or if it was time to find either a better paying position or a whole new career. One of the books said that a good way to judge whether or not you liked your job was to see if you got the 6pm Sunday sinking feeling i.e. at the end of the weekend, when you thought about going back to work on Monday, do you want to yak? I don't--not in the least bit. And I'm sure I don't because I've had that feeling in the past, although in my case, it was every night when I got home from work at 6pm. My friend also brought this up when I told her about my financial worries--why don't you find a better paying job? I had a knee-jerk reaction: but I like my job. I don't want to leave.

So, it's official. I like my job. This is crazy to me! I decided I wanted to be a librarian when I was around 16-years-old and more specifically a children's librarian when I was 22! How was I right?! I usually have horrible instincts! And yet, this one was spot on. Let's hope it stays this way.

Finally, one very cute reason why I like my job:
There are a lot of books about sheep not being able to sleep (they inevitably count sheep :)) and while reading these books at our sheep storytime and saying "I wonder why all these sheep can't fall asleep?", a little boy, Auggie, kept shouting out "Maybe they're nocturnal!"


At 5:43 PM, Blogger Librarian Girl said...

Totally! I feel that way too, and I'm still kind of weirded out by it. I didn't know about this librarian biz-izz-ness when I was a teen or anything, but I'm glad I finally got here. Yay us!


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