Monday, February 11, 2008

All You Need is Love

Seeing as Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I haven't posted a blog entry in a ridiculously long time, I thought I would post some thoughts on Valentine's Day. I've been blogging for little more than 2 years and it would seem that Valentine's Day is my favorite blog-worthy holiday--it's the only holiday I've posted about consistently (see here and here. It would also seem that I only know how to name Valentine's Day oriented blog entries "All You Need is Love") So, to continue with the tradition, here is yet another random Valentine's Day blog entry... titled, of course, All You Need is Love.

Things To Be Sad About On Valentine's Day:

1) I'm single. Once again. This year is different because I have never been SO single in my life. In years past, I've been single and dealing with boy drama but at least there were boys around. Since moving to this wee little town, I haven't had any boy drama... because there are no boys within the county line. Sure, there was that one guy on my birthday who told me I smelled nice and then proceeded to grope my ass (thanks douchebag!) but forgive me if I don't count that.

2) My friends are single. Sure, because they're single, I get to have someone to hang out with on Valentine's Day (we're not shrinking away, letting the couples have all the fun! We're going to a fancy schmancy cool kid restaurant!) But, they are single because in the last six months, each of them has had two different guys treat them like crap. It sucks to have each of them start dating someone (and have the corresponding "new boy!" feelings) and then shortly after have to see them deal with someone who is incapable of acting like a grownup or who says things he doesn't mean or who just can't (or won't) get his shit together and be a good boyfriend.

3) The never ending snow and never ending cold and never ending shit weather. Dudes, it's driving me mad.

Ridiculous pointless things to cancel out the aforementioned (courtesy of YouTube):

1) "Best of My Love" by Emotions. "Do do do dot! Do do do dot! My love! My love!" Instant Happiness:

2) This random video featuring the song "Reach Out in the Darkness" by Friend and Lover. I love that there's some dude sitting in his basement, videotaping his record player and uploading the videos to YouTube. Of course, I added it to my favorites so I'm just encouraging him. Still, I agree with Friend and Lover. I would say that it would be so groovy if people finally got together.

3) The writers strike is over! Which means we'll soon have more of these to watch:

4) James McAvoy's impersonation of Ryan Seacreast. Honestly, James McAvoy could recite multiplication tables to me and I'd be happy.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Please feel free to judge me on my YouTube obsession and all of my lame interests :)

****Unrelated Sidenote: Klara! I don't know if you're still reading but I tried to email you about the collection development questions and the email was sent back to me. If you still need an interviewee (I can't promise I'll have anything helpful to say...), please feel free to email me at sweetpea1182001atyahoodotcom.****