Friday, January 05, 2007

Come Here Often?

Hi there! And welcome to the new home of Katie's Adventures in Library Land. Personally, I expected a few more entries in livejournal land... perhaps one about the holiday season and a few funny tidbits that I've collected after hanging out at my parents' house for the last week or so (my mom is currently watching Dr. Phil. Gaaahhh.) However, one teeensy little thing has kept that from happening. And that is.... the "Bsafe" filter on my mother's internet.

Yes, my mother, a 61 year old woman, has a filter on her internet. This lovely filter helpfully blocks sites with "Inappropriate Content" and "R-Rated Humor" and "Web Email Personals" (it pops up these screens to help you understand why you can't read the latest on pink is the new blog). Since my mom only uses her high speed internet to check her email (i.e. email me obsessively), this whole filtering thing isn't a problem for her. However, when her smutty ass daughter (Hi that's me) comes home to use the internet, the filter becomes a slight issue (just a slight one.)

Case One: I am addicted to facebook. We're talking check it 10 times an hour addicted. However, according to my mother's family friendly internet provider, the website is not family friendly matter due to it's "personal" content.

Case Two (a very perplexing example): A few months ago, the website Overheard in New York (a very good way to waste time) was considered off limits due to its "offensive content and dialogue." Go Fug Yourself was still okay though. Now, just months later, Overheard in New York is considered a-okay and Go Fug Yourself is "R-rated humor." Out of both, I neeeeeed go fug yourself... I can't handle their indecision.

Case Three (why we find ourselves here rather than in livejournal land): It seems everyone these days is fed up with livejournal. First I turn on the poor thing and now the internet filter has joined in too. Now, I can read my livejournal but if I try to post to it, Bsafe says "Inappropriate News, Misc., Email." What? What the hell does that mean? However, Bsafe has deemed blogger a fine, worthy website. I can read all blogger blogs (even one that have curse words!), I can comment on all blogger blogs and I found out just minutes ago that I can even post to my blogger blog.

Thus, I have starting blogging in my new home a few days earlier than intended. I'm still working on layout stuff and I have no idea how to title this post but over the next few days I will try to figure it out. Hope you enjoy the new place :)

And as a side note: all of my archives will stay over at livejournal. The link is on my links page (the top of the list because I think sooo much of myself!) or click here to read them in all of their unhinged glory.


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